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10 things I know are true.

#sol18 Entry 13 March 14th Today in class I challenged my students to begin working on a spoken word poem. They are not all into the poetry stuff but I have a curriculum and this is an alternative way to write and express and for some, it is their chance to shine, for others their chance to grow. We watched Sarah Kay's Ted Talk on spoken word poetry and she mentioned starting with lists, Ten Things You Know to be True. So here we go.

  1. I know that speaking in church is terrifying, but being on a football field in front of hundreds is electrifying.

  2. I know that hard things can be done.

  3. I know that when something is worth it, you keep trying.

  4. I know that all my students shine differently I just need to help them find it.

  5. I know that the consequences are too great if I don't.

  6. I know that tomorrow will be different than today, maybe not better, maybe not worse but I can count on different.

  7. I know that learning is the key to success.

  8. I know that I can not light myself on fire to keep others warm.

  9. I know we all have limits, but realizing that helps me learn from them.

  10. I know that if we focus on the light, no matter how small, the dark will not prevail. Ten things I know.

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