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A simple escape

here. But I would like to emphasize that in this time we need books that help students connect to the "other" those unlike them and see that there are connections we can make to each other. I believe so much in this book and the power it could have in building empathy, compassion and seeing our similarities with others rather than just our differences that I ordered 30 copies and plan to use it with my whole class and give copies to other teachers. It is an important book that everyone should read. Honorable Mention Novels- The Hate U GIve, A List of Cages The Hate U Give has been on the NYT Best Seller list I think at number 1 for weeks and it deserves it. It was a great book that addresses a very important topic especially as racism seems to be taking up more of the mainstream media coverage and students are going to be asking questions. I have a summary of my reading experience with this title and A List of Cages in the Book Box. I liked both titles but I did not recommend them as my top summer read as I am not sure the content of them is appropriate for my students. I would recommend either title highly to High School Students or Adults. Content Warning: A List of Cages deals with some very extreme abuse. It is detailed and tough to get through at times. Favourite Series- Nightmares by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller Great stories, great characters, great messages. Overcoming Fear, being courageous and forgiveness are all themes in the Nightmares books. Charlie Laird thinks his Stepmother is a witch and she is coming for him...My students have loved these books the last few years. I have moved up to grade 7 and will not be using them for a read aloud this year but they will be on my shelves and are well worn. I plan to start the year book talking the heck out of the Nightmares Series. Reluctant Readers Series-Tales Dark and Grimm


here. I highly recommend all teachers read it. This book is not about just reading but how we think, challenge the words that are put in front of us and question how they can and will impact our lives. I love it. Reading has become an escape for me. Cris Tovani talks about one of our ways of losing meaning in reading is through loss of attention to the text. I like to block out the world when I read. By finding text that we can lose ourselves in, enjoy without reservation we can go to different places, experience new things, places and people. I was not always a reader and I am still not a fast one, but I am a thoughtful one. While I know some of you who read this are teaching already, I do not start with students until September but I hope that everyone can have a successful teaching year. For my non-classroom teacher/readers out there, send me your recommendations because the stack can never get too high.

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