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Being Hope

"She is trying to drink your sorrow, the madwoman murmured closing her eyes. "Don't let her. Hope instead. Hope without ceasing." For me this illustrated that hope is the counter to sorrow. As a teacher I think this is useful. Students come to us every year dealing with things that potentially could be causing them sorrow. A weight heavy on them. Lack of food or a safe place to live. Bullies at school or bullies at home. Struggles in learning or fitting in. Family problems, health problems. We don't always know what our students deal with, they may not always tell us. As teachers we need to help our students be hopeful. Help them to see there is a break in the clouds in some way or another. I can't fix a home situation but I can make their school day as great as I can, I can't fix a health problem but I can make sure they get the best education and best day when they are there. I can be a listening ear or a helping hand. Teachers need to be hope for their students when hope is hard to find. We need to help them see it. To let them know that the clouds might break and that it is ok to ask for help when they are not sure they have that hope in themselves yet. We can't let our students be weighed down with sorrow. Imagine I read a book about a Magical girl and came out with I need to be the Hope for my students when they have a hard time finding it in themselves.
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