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Day Four-30 Days 30 Poems

(edit: I wrote this yesterday April 4th but forgot to post)

Today I have the day off from the classroom, spending a little time learning and sharing. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the conversations I have been having with teachers. I think a lot of people during Covid forgot about teachers. This isn't to complain, there was just a lot going on. Our jobs changed and changed again, we are now "back to normal" but things have changed. The job at times feels infinitely harder to keep up with to keep our heads above water.

This past summer I felt that I was about to literally drown. I was at the lake with my family and a tube got away from my little niece. I was happy to swim out and grab it but I had no idea how quick the depth of the water changed. Tired from swimming I went to put my feet down and sank. I struggled and while folks just watched from shore telling me I was close to more shallow waters I truly felt as though I was about to die. It didn't help after the fact that my sister said she had a dream someone was going to need CPR at the beach that day (Umm if that was the case why didn't y'all stop reading and get your feet wet?)

Thinking about the current state of mind so many teachers share I remembered this moment. Anyway here is poem 4 :)

The water slides over my face as I struggle to keep my head above water
Legs tired
Arms drained
Gasping for breath 

I can almost make it but land is out of reach
People on the shore calling out directions 
Not interested in getting their feet wet to show me the way 

What failure means flashes before my eyes 
A final kick and my toes grazes sand
I won't drown today

"Aren't you glad we told you how to get to shore?"

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