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Finding Inspiration

I have talked about my dreams so much that I feel lately like they will only ever be dreams. It is funny how I can go from this high of seeing plans come together, students laughing while they plan stories, complimenting each other over the powerful lines in the poetry they are crafting, to this low in the matter a few minutes. I imagine a lot of it is how the changes we have had to insist on because of Covid have changed how I teach. I am certain some of those high and lows come from the disparity between how I thought I was seen to how it seems I am. This week though, I would say the win column is marked more than the losses. Four Days in a row of good lessons, engaged students, cool moments, laughter and learning.

When I think about what fuels my dreams without question I know it is my students. Because I see them. I see them learning. I see them growing. Some I have taught every year for the last 4 years. Some I taught in 8th and now 3 years later they are these creative almost adults that are playing with words, devouring books and seeking me out in hallways because they think they have finished their poem. This is the reason I dream of better schools that serve all students. This is why I dream about helping kids find their potential because it is infinite if they believe it or not.

Lately we have been working on poetry I ask them every day to take time to write, to think, to share. We have been finding writing partners to bounce ideas off of. We are having so much fun. One day they will be on a stage, when Covid finally leaves enough for us to breathe without masks and share our voices to a full theatre. They will share their gifts because they inspire me.

Time Machine

Mr.Gilson can you help me build a time machine?
The question comes from the student still learning his words
At first I laughed
 explained that we might have to work on a smaller task
Then he said it
I want to see my Dad
If we build a time machine maybe I can see my Dad
A simple 
What would you do with a time machine?
I would visit with my Grandpa more
He was the best story teller 
I would have worked harder in school
wasted less time
Some things we can't get back 
but what if we live today knowing there are no time machines?
What will you do?
Who will you see?
What happens when we live knowing there is no rewind?


When I think about the opportunities that I have let pass me by I certainly regret some of them but that reflection is helping me to take advantage of now. I appreciate how these little life lessons are coming from the excellence of the students I have the privilege to teach.

Happy Friday. Find a safe space and take a deep breath. Recharge.

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