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New teacher book means new thoughts

It helps us learn vocabulary, like new words for our writing.

Nice to do when we want to relax.

Sometimes we start a book and don't like it but it helps us find the ones we do.

Increases our imagination.

I like reading but some times I can’t find the right book , it is all about finding the right book.

They (a good book) hooks you in.

Books teach us things.

I like to read but I don’t like doing activities.

Reading keeps my mind off other things going on.

No one said because we have to, or for a grade, or for points on A.R (Thank heaven because I would have died) but the message I did receive was clear. What they do not like about reading is that it is becoming less and less about how the books make them feel and think about and more and more about assessment. The interruption of the reading flow caused by "tasks" was mentioned a few times. The conversations are going to become a larger focus in our class, sharing about books and talking about our experience with them. There is a place for writing and reflecting but like all things we need balance.

The journey to being responsible, reflective readers continues :)

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