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Plans a #letswrite2019 post

I started the new year off strong. Podcasts, Blog posts, book plans... and well like all things life gets busy. I have barely had a chance to sit down and plan let alone write for pleasure. I set a few goals for myself this year and one was to put the TV away on weeknights by 9 so I can read. Aside from the nights that I am basketball past 9, this has been going pretty smoothly. I think it is a great idea to set a writing plan and so here it goes.

I think writing plans for me have always been focused on setting a schedule, "I will write a post a day for (insert year)" but somedays I have nothing to write. This morning I tried multiple drafts at a blog post but nothing felt right. Luckily I have a lot of options when it comes to writing.

I realized that blog posts might not come every day. That I might not feel inspired to write my book or draft a few paragraphs as mentor texts or even send out a tweet but I will likely be inspired to do one of these things and I need to just act on it.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the connections to teaching here. The fact that we so often require our students to write, often in some contrived way and then we are shocked when inspiration fails them. I want to provide them with more options, more opportunities to discover their own writing styles and voices as I too continue trying to find mine.

So my plan? To write when I am inspired, to take time for my book and experiment more with writing styles. #letswrite2019

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