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Save your memes #letswrite2019

Tomorrow is back to school from Christmas break and I am nervous just like every back to school. Not nervous because I am worried it will go bad or that kids won't be excited, more because I am. I love the return to school after a break, I love getting to see my students, ask them how their break was, listen to their stories and share my own.

It was disheartening to see all the posts, all the memes joking about how sad teachers are that they are returning to work, even sadder that they were coming from teachers. In the past I have done the same and never really thought about how it came across until I saw it so much tonight be it on Twitter or on Facebook.

I think we have a right to be excited for a break, for time to relax because heaven knows we need it. Teaching is not a 9-5 job it requires time outside the classroom in so many different areas. All of these extras build up and we need a break at times and we deserve it. That said our students deserve teachers that are not posting memes about how sad they are they have to great them in the morning. Their parents deserve teachers they know are just as excited to see their kids in the morning as their kids are excited to go because trust me, even if they don't say it the kids are excited. We play a big role in their life and they have missed us.

Have fun tomorrow, and the day after and the day after. We have the best job. Share that as a meme if you have to.

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