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#SOL18 Day 3 March 3rd

Saturday as a teacher I spent the morning getting ready to host my first Twitter chat. I am not going to use this post to advertise it because I think that breaks the rules but I get to talk about literacy instruction which I love. Until today I had no idea that there are teachers that do not think independent reading time in school is valuable. I was told on Twitter that I needed to get out more. This, of course, came in while I was out cheering on my school's Varsity boys team as the sealed first place in the league (Go Zeniths). But I agree with the kind fellow that suggested I get out more. I do need to get out more, heck if I got out more I would probably have not still been in my PJs when I realized I needed to do laundry as a very important piece of apparel was missing...So we were a little late getting to my nephew's basketball game in a neighboring town, they won (Go Comets, just not as far as the Zeniths) and then had to jet back to my school to cheer on our boys. It was a busy afternoon but it was the typical Saturday for these two teachers. Busy in the morning working, busy in the afternoon with family, busy in the evening with Basketball or other school sports. The fact is as a teacher we are busy, busy, busy, but the bonus is we love it. I plan all morning to have awesome lessons for the upcoming week, I run around all afternoon to get things done and spend the evening at the schools with my community cheering for awesome kids. The day zooms by but it is awesome. That was this teacher's day. Busy but great, minus the one dude telling me to get out more. After thinking about it I think I get out a fair bit. Until tomorrow. #SOL18

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