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#SOL18 Day 7 March 7

Basketball and Poetry These next 4 days are going to be wild with Basketball playoffs running late into each night and kids coming to school with tired eyes and a teacher just as tired. I will be partaking in a Monster Rasberry Ice Tea or 2 before the week is over. Working on Poetry today and my kids are sharing some deep things. It is interesting seeing them open up more when the options to write differently present themselves. I had students write about struggles fitting into their families, their religion, friend groups. Other wrote about death, ranching and you guessed it Basketball. I love this small town I live in, I love getting to read the "Golden Lines" as my friend Cameron would call them that my students put on the page. I am incredibly lucky. PSA (unrelated to my day) : Kids need time to read without strings, to enjoy a book without worrying about a test and to find who they are as a reader without some Basal or textbook to fill out. My students told me to burn a free sample book we received in our mail today that was going to "build their vocabulary skills" the secretary and I were looking at it and could not figure out the questions... The kids told me to burn it. #istandwithDrMary #letkidsread #sol18

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