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#SOL18 Entry 4 Day 4

Teachers I have had a ton of teachers in my life. My Dad is one, my wife is one and I have countless stories of teachers and their impact in my life for good or bad. I know that my role as a teacher has an impact on the lives of my students for good or bad. Today's post I dedicate to the greatest teacher in my life. My mom, on her birthday I want to take a moment to discuss the teachers of life. The people that live as examples of service and kindness and hard work. My mother stayed at home as we were all growing up. 6 kids and a husband who worked equally hard to provide for his family and was not always around because of those work responsibilities but the "Chaunster" as my sister nicknamed her was always a force for good. She got us to all our extra things, did all the housework and what I learned later in life, did not require much of us as kids. Of the many great lessons, I learned from my mom one was that the work could wait.  After meals, she loved to sit around and just visit with each other, as we are all grown up that pattern remains. When the whole family is together laughing and visiting, my mother is just happy. She sets her own time aside for her children and grandchildren constantly just to make the load a little lighter if she can. My mother has always been this example and she also gave all her children the gift of being fiercely loyal and full of righteous fire when we have been wronged. She regrets giving us these traits at times but we are so grateful for them. Tonight we ate a meal and had strawberry pie together and then she let me be excused to run my first twitter chat. Even on her birthday, she was happy to let me have that time because as she said "We are just happy we can be together" That is my mom the Chaunster. Love you Mom and Happy Birthday. Those slices of pie were AWESOME!

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