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#SOL18 Entry 5 March 5th

Take a Breath and then a Step. Tonight I took a second opportunity to sit back and listen and occasionally tweet into a chat about being BRAVE with Kimberly Davis. It was a great chat again and as I reflected on my own moments of Bravery or those of my students a cannot help but take a little journey through moments that I have been a part of. As either a witness of this Bravery or the person taking that deep breath and then stepping out into the unknown. If it is the student who is persecuted for their unique spirit who still represents themselves through the noise or the quiet student that gives their first presentation. We need to celebrate student's choice to be brave and support it. For myself, I had to make a big change this year. I was not happy in my place the last few years and reached the breaking point last year. I love teaching but I did not love the direction things were going. My first Brave step was taking the step to explore a change, the second was jumping right in and embracing it. The opportunities that I have pursued because of this change have been amazing. I have grown as an educator and continue to find ways to be Brave to work outside my comfort zone and strengthen myself further. I am appreciating this practice of daily reflection, it is causing me to be more present, more thoughtful and aware of my story.

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