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#SOL18 Entry 8 March 8th

Finding a Voice My life is teaching. This is just a fact and a fact I love. Tonight as my wife drives home from our millionth basketball game, it seems, I am typing this out on my phone. Today in class we continued with poetry. I conferenced with a few more kids and really just enjoyed talking with them about their reading and writing. As I moved about the room I read one poem that brought tears to my eyes ( this is happening often, must be allergies) I asked to copy it and when I returned the student asked to read to the class. I was thrilled they felt comfortable to share their voice and the beautiful lines in their poem. My next class was much the same but an even more surprising voice came to volunteer their words for the class. I still need to check the google machine for authenticity but one of their lines " while rappers stab with metaphors, I try to find my words". Other students looked on in awe as he paused with a "wow I am more nervous than I thought" and continued to share. I realized today that while we are some days a bit more bumpy than others my students feel safe because they have found their voice and share it. #letkidsread #letkidswrite #letkidsloveliteracy

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