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#SoL19 The journey

Ok, so this is my second kick at the Slice of Life Challenge. The idea is to write every day in the month of March. It doesn't have to be long just a chance to write. I love writing on the blog and getting my thoughts out there but some days I struggle to find a message I think is worthy to be out there. Some days this month it might be just a quick thought or reflection and others, like today, might be a bit of a deeper dive.

Basketball is nearing the end

This year I was asked to help out with basketball, I don't really know how big of a help I have been if I am being completely honest. I don't know much about basketball but I am learning. I guess that is kind of what this season has been for our team, a learning process. Last year our team won the Zone title, the year before that our team won the zone title. This year we are young as a team and currently, have a record of 2-9 I think maybe 2-10 in regular season play. I have learned a lot of things over the last few months.

  1. Basketball season is long, not hockey long but long and everyone starts to drift off as we approach the end. The kids are less focused, other sports they also play are getting closer to starting up drawing away some attention and for myself, the school work that sits in piles on my desk is really calling my name. Holding to that dedication can be hard but the fun in practice or the close games we are not expected to win but sure get close remind us that we have a commitment. Success can't be the only indicator of progress and focusing on other things has sure helped us as a team.

  2. Even the most confident of players need reassurance. We have a lot of really talented boys on our team. Many are just learning what playing at the High School level is all about. As we start to fall behind in the score and struggle to keep our heads up I am reminded that everyone needs that positive affirmation.

  3. We can do hard things. This week we played one of the top-ranked teams and controlled most of the game almost winning in what the community at large would have viewed as an upset. As I mentioned we don't have the winningest of records. But we started strong, the boys came together as a team and we worked off each other's strengths. It was incredible watching them realize their potential. We sure had some hiccups, about 3 minutes of them in the third quarter but it felt like a turning point for our team.

It is funny as I look at the list how much of it can be applied to teaching. How the year is long but we need to focus on the great stuff, how even the most seasoned teachers need the reassurance that what they are doing is right and that we can all do hard things. I love teaching, I have loved coaching and am really enjoying the journey this year.

Now if spring would come that would really be the cherry on top haha.

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