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Who's Watching

  1. Coaches yelling at kids

  2. Coaches yelling at fans

  3. Fans heckling kids (Elementry track meet, yup parents heckling 10-year-olds)

  4. Kids with vicious, unkind chants and cheers and adults smiling at them laughing at the cruelty What are we doing? We are adults and we shame kids for losing a game? We are adults and we are hoping that children fail so that others can win. Literally, wishing a child in a track meet fall so another can win? What are we doing as fans that a 13-year-old feels emboldened enough to tell off a ref because he thinks the ref has treated him unfairly? What are we doing? What are we doing that makes a child who misses a basket or starts to lose a game break down in tears, wiping his eyes as he runs to try and fix his "mistake" all will his coach throws up his hands symbolizing he has already given up on them. What are we doing? More importantly, who is watching? Kids learn from the examples put before them. Are we helping them to be better? Not on the court or the field but in life? I can't help but think we are not. No one will remember the track score, or the football highlights 20 years from now. They will remember who made a positive impact in their life. Kids should be motivated by the celebrations of success, not the fear of failure and what comes next. We should always remember "Who's Watching"

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