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Winter Returns

#sol18 Post 14 March 15th Just when I thought it was gone the evil beast that is Winter 2018 has returned. I don't remember what summer looks like at the moment. All this white, so depressing. I look for the analogy but then I found this beauty in helium by Rudy Francisco

Page It Just sits there, with a mouth full of entitlement, staring at you and wondering why it is still not a masterpiece. I am working with my kids on poetry and we all keep running into the "I have nothing to say" problems. That page just sits there hungry for words and we have hit a famine it sometimes seems. We have these flashes of brilliance, these glimpses of beautiful words and then we hit another wall of thick white terrible snow. The worst part is we are all so tired of snow we do not want to venture out to see if we can find the words, the beauty that helps to end this long winter. I like the chance to write daily, I like that is helping me break through the walls the more they come up. Time to write is the key. The highlight of the day, reading students work, tears of laughter from unintentional hilarity. My other class enjoyed the show as I laughed and laughed. It might be snowing outside and I might be miserable because of it but those moments that I can hear a student share or read their words and just laugh I am grateful I get to do what I do.
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