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Knowing Ok is enough

Write about what you know about
This is the advice we get from Sarah Kay
I use to think I knew about a lot
I am not so sure

I thought I knew what I wanted
I thought I knew what I would be doing 
I thought I knew the plan


I do know a few things though
I know I am a Teacher
at least for now
I know that inside the walls of Room 157 Magic Happens
I know that I get to work with the most amazing writers and thinkers
I know that should be enough 

Most of the time it is

But what about those dreams?

Playing around with poems is fun. It has also been a really helpful exercise in reflection. Easter break is coming to a close and we head back to work Monday. I have had a relaxing week where I have focused on success more than failure. The other day we were with our financial planner and I was pumped because my investments made more than Julie's this year. Our advisor said, "Brent needs this win" maybe she knew the events of the last weeks maybe she didn't but Julie and I laughed about it later because I do need some wins. I also need to keep my eyes open for the good stuff because there is a lot.

This week I spent time relaxing and marking and playing around with a few ideas. We started looking at poetry, primarily spoken work just before the break. I had a few students really express excitement and passion for this work and so I decided that we would play with it a bit longer and culminate with a little poetry competition. Opening it up to the school and here we go. After that we are looking at multimodal work, developing culminating projects and just trying out new things.

I forget sometimes what I love so much about teaching.

The break has given me a chance to breathe. I still don't know what is next for me. But I do know for right now I am ok.

Ok is enough.

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